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Okay, Rhonda’s Finish Along is fab for making me keep track of things over a longer period, but I actually have things to do that aren’t on that list too, you know, new things that I also have to do as well o.O  Anyway, I saw Traceyjay’s Three For April popping up, and decided that it was a good thing to keep track of just this month’s ‘To Do’ list, or at least the 3 most important things!

1st up is my Stained Quilt.  This is my granny’s birthday pressie for early May, so I’d best get to it!  I’m just doing a solid back from a flannelette sheet that’s in the wash right now, and I’m going to take it over to my gran’s on Monday to use her big floor space to baste it on.  I’m planning on some wavy organic line quilting, to kind of go with the swirls and circles in the fabric, what do you think?

2nd up are my makes for the sample swap at the Fat Quarterly Retreat.  I’ve got a few ideas in mind, but haven’t reached a final design yet…

3rd up, is that rainbow windmill cushion.  I know you’re all as sick of hearing about this as I am of saying it, so enough already!  I just want this one out of the way, so I’m hoping to get to it over this long weekend…

How about the rest of you, any of you joining in?

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