Well with the number of cushions I’m churning out right now, my backside will certainly be well padded if I perch on them… (actually even if I DON’T perch on them :o/)  Anywho, one of my FAL goals was to rehouse the orphaned blocks from FPPFTT, and block #5 seemed to be screaming to become a cushion.  Not one to ignore screaming fabric, I dug out some Klona black (my go to partner for rainbows right now seems to be grey or black) to border and back it, using a simple envelope back.  I debated about quilting it, and then decided that really, quilting would be lost in the riot of colour and patterns, so to keep the block seams nice and secure, I opted to just back the front section with some fairly light fusible woven interfacting.  I French seamed the entire cushion so there weren’t any raw edges to wear away inside either.

As projects go, this was a pretty quick and simple finish, but anything that reduces that pile of random, single blocks is a win in my book!