Whew, it’s coming up to summer, so it must be time to review the Winter Stitching List and see how well I did compared to my original list.  Just before I start though, you may have missed me mentioning that I’m heading to Sewing Summit this year with the nutty Laura, Laura, Danny and more.  Laura #1 is my roomie, and Laura #2 will be doing a mad road trip with me after, in fact she’s written all about it, and a new project that she and Danny and I are starting… ;o)

Anywho, back to that list!  Here’s everything I created since the start of the Winter Stitching List back on the 19th of October that was on the original list:

Original Winter Stitching List Creations

My list started off pretty long, and then grew o.O  But here’s how I did with the original list:

  1. 1 commissioned teddy bear – almost completely sewn and ready for jointing and stuffing – DONE 04/11 
  2. 1 teddy bear for a raffle at GYTBE – marked out on the fur and ready to go – DONE 17/11 
  3. 1 zippered pouch tutorial for my guest blog post on Sew Happy Geek next week – I have most of the bits, and a plan, just need to make it and take photos this weekend!  – DONE 23/10 
  4. Bee blocks for Piece Bee With You for October, November, January, February and March – October is 2/3 complete – All DONE 
  5. Bee blocks for Sew Bee Joyful for October, November, January, February and March – I have fabric pulled for October, and a plan, but that’s it so far – All DONE 
  6. Wall hanging for the Table Runner and Wall Hanging swap – fabric is pulled, and wall hanging designed – DONE 30/10 
  7. 4 redwork blocks for a special project – patterns are traced, and fabric and thread bought – DONE 22/12 
  8. 2-4 cushion covers for my gran for Christmas (I’ll need to see how easy they are) – thread for Big Brother’s Little Brother (aka the overlocker) and cushion blanks have already been bought – DONE 20/12 
  9. 1 bird mobile for my granny for Christmas – birds are cut out and ready to be sewn, twigs still need to be collected – DONE 27/12 
  10. 1 dress for me for the Christmas party – I have fabric, and am planning to use the Party Dress book for the pattern – Abandoned due to change in party plans 
  11. 1 skirt for mum – all the materials are ready to go, just need to draw up a pattern using the Sew What Skirts book – DONE 05/02 
  12. 2 skirts for me – fabric already on hand, pattern to draw using the Sew What Skirts book and notions to buy as requires  – not done, as I wanted to lose some weight first, and they’re winter weight fabrics, so these can now wait til later in the year 
  13. Panda girl to finish  – Not done, poor girl! 
  14. 1 lunch bag tutorial – as this came 2nd in the poll I ran, although this might be a new year project! – Not done, been a bit tuted out this year so far!  Maybe soon though… 
  15. 1 skirt and tunic for me – another cord one, this time in burgundy, using a Burda magazine pattern, and a tunic that I already have all the fabrics etc for, and even have the pattern traced, from Sew Serendipity  – Not done, see point 12 
  16. A large pile of bags.  I have loads of patterns etc drawn out, and piles of fabric, so I may be having a very merry January and February working on these :o) – I’ve worked on lots of bags, but not finished any of my own pattern ones yet :o/ 
  17. 1 coat for me – this may be totally pie in the sky!  I’d love to be able to make a coat from the pattern in Sew Serendipity in this fabric – Yeah, never had a chance! 

Okay, so that’s 10/17 done, which doesn’t sound that great, until you consider that I also did:

The alternative winter stitching list

(and there’s 7 things didn’t make in here, but there’s a 36 photo limit!)

  1. Amy Butler Sew Along bags x 2 for January, plus a snappy purse to go with one of them, then series was abandoned by Bree, who was running it – Done 13/12
  2. Fixed Tedster’s sore back – Done 08/11
  3. Made another sewing kit for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day in December – Done 10/12
  4. 4 stocking fillers for the family – Done 23/12
  5. Pattern tested for Sara – Done 11/01
  6. Made a Kindle cover for dad – Done 12/01
  7. Make Green Bag Lady tote for SAL – Done 04/01
  8. Make a scarf for granny for extra Christmas pressie – Done 03/01
  9. Make 5 Japanese x and + blocks for the Flickr swap – Done 15/02
  10. Make a cushion and 2 scrap buckets for my FTLOS partner – Done 04/03
  11. Participate in the Sew Happy Quilt QAL, making all 12 blocks into a top – Done 11/03
  12. Participate in the Stained QAL – Done 17/04
  13. Make a double decker iPad cover for dad – Done 02/02
  14. Make a teacosy and stand for mother’s day for mum – Done 17/03
  15. Do 6 tutorials for a series on Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified – Done 02/04
  16. Participate in the Modern Mini Challenge – Done 06/03
  17. Make 2 phone pouches and an iPod pouch – Done 22/04
  18. Make a design notebook for myself using the bud design from Rachel’s curves class – Done 22/03
  19. Make a wee bear (Wee Jock) for my dad to take to India – Done 29/03
  20. Make a clutch and write up the pattern/tutorial for Rhonda’s FAL Quarter 1 roundup – Done
  21. Make 2 24″ blocks for Stitch Tease – Done 06/04
  22. Make 4 Zakka Style Totes for the Fat Quarterly Retreat Sample Swap using up my block 2 from FPPFTT – Done 11/04
  23. Make a cushion from block 5 from FPPFTT – Done 12/04
  24. Write a tutorial for a NYB block for the NYB QAL – Done 14/04
  25. Pattern test for Joanna – Done 20/04

Not too bad after all then ;o)