It’s that time of the week again, where we take stock of all the things we have achieved, were meant to achieve, and, well, lost the will to achieve ;o)  It was, among other things, the week where I actually had to finish my block/strip for Stitch Tease, my 2nd bee block for March and the wee bear I’d been working on, plus finish writing up writing a tute, so not much then…

Finishes This Week

Wee Jock, who now has his own blog.  He’s all packed to head to India tomorrow.

Piece Bee With You cat block for March:

Stitch Tease blocks (I’ll post more about them on Friday)

In Progress This Week:

Name badge for FQ Retreat – I’ve got the front totally done, now to quilt/bind/hang it (sorry, can’t share the dead giveaway pics)

Hexie madness – remember that lone, solitary hexie that everyone laughed at last week?  Well he rounded up some friends to laugh right back ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

My NYB block for my tutorial

That ******** cushion (I hardly dare say it!)

An idea for sample swap at the FQ retreat

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