Having spent a rather frustrating day cutting templates and playing about with fabric arrangements, I set aside my My Precious quilt this evening and whipped up a couple of the sewing kits for this week’s Zakka Style Sew Along.  Now although I’ve done the tote bags and the pincushion, I didn’t actually get them done in time for the linky party, but yay me, here I am getting it done this week (just under the wire, but who’s counting ;o) )

Sheila said they were quick to whip up, and she’d managed 2, so I figured I’d make one for me, and 1 for a possible upcoming event.  I have a bad habit of chucking all my sewing things into a zippy pouch, where I proceed to guddle about for ages looking for things, so I thought this might be useful for the FQ Retreat.  Oh, and because I figure half the attendees are making these for themselves (not to mention 1 person making them for sample swap) I labelled mine with a K so I knew it was mine ;o)  Now I just have to avoid being mugged by Karen or the other, much more famous Katy

I’ve had so much fun with this series digging out all the stamps I bought for scrapbooking and giving them a new lease on life, and in fact, shamefully, I’d never actually used any of these stamps before!  I also borrowed Debbie’s idea to try out some of the variegated thread in the Aurifil sampler pack I won ages ago.  I ended up picking the Innocent Crush to match the thread, and it more or less went with the Japanese birds I’d chosen for mine, so I just used it on both.  As it’s variegated it’s not always so obvious in the pics, but it is there, honest!  I chose ribbon for the closures as I happen to have loads of it, also left over from scrapbooking, and I thought it would be less bulky than the thonging that was called for.

Is anyone else playing along?