Apologies, I missed the memo that we were all linking up today, so got caught with my proverbial bloggy pants down!

Fat Quarterly

Anywho, I’m Katy, from Glasgow (well, I live there, I’m originally from Belfast, and have stopped in several continents on my way here!).  I’ve sewed on and off for years, but made my first quilt last September, which was also when I joined my first bee – bless Jenna for trusting me when I said I could sew, and it couldn’t be that difficult, right? ;o)

This is what I look like on a really good day with the wind blowing in the right direction…

I will be doing the following classes:

Saturday am – Freezer paper piecing with Kerry
Saturday pm – English Paper Piecing with Tacha

Sunday am – Fat Quarterly Designer challenge
Sunday pm – Portholes with Lucie

I’m also in the Iron Man challenge, group 6

This is what my pile o’ crap for my classes and the swaps looks like:

And here’s my bag partly packed – I think I need a bit more lateral thinking than the shove and squish method ;o)

One more Tesco tote should do it though :oD

Looking forward to meeting everyone there, but I think I may be paralysed with fear in a corner, wibbling for a while!  After that you probably won’t be able to shut me up ;o)