I’m sure the older I get, the faster the months rush by, except, of course, when at work.  Work and schools share the same time multiplying properties, I’m sure of it!  Anywho, with it being the start of a fresh new month, it must also be a fresh sewing day, as hosted by Lynne.

Lily's Quilts

For all that time is flying, the beginning of the month seems aaaages ago, most bizarre!  Here’s what I got done this month though:

First up was the clutch for Rhonda’s FAL first quarter tutorials, followed closely by my 2 Stitch Tease blocks, then a whole heap of Zakka Style totes in an effort to try and use up my FPPFTT block 2, and make my sample swap items all at the same time!  Next up was repurposing my FPPFTT block5, a NYB tutorial, and a quilt finish of Stained for my granny’s birthday.  Then I was pattern testing Carl for Joanna, mixing up my teapot for Alli, making a Zakka Style pincushion and creating chicken soup for Kelly.  Finally I was producing a couple of Zakka Style sewing kits, and finishing my Retro Flowers QAL top (more on that later in the week, promise!)

Phew, hope you all had a great month too :o)