I’ve been a bit lax of late at showing all the happy mail that’s been tumbling through the letter box requiring me to make trips up to the sorting office.  Here are all the goodies that I have received of late:

My name badge for the FQ Retreat in June from Charlotte:

My winnings from Ali’s recent giveaway, courtesy of Emma’s Fabric Studio:

My Trimmings entry fabrics (of course!)

My Liberty charms I ordered from Ali.  Liberty seems to go so well with linen that I could see this being useful for all sorts of Zakka style projects

Now this probably doesn’t look terribly exciting, but when I tell you it’s extra wide fabric for backing (108″) from Brenda, you should be excited…

And finally, a lovely package from Julie.  She was sending me these for a project I’m doing for the Intrepid Thread newsletter in June:

So of course I needed to put some a bundle of other things in the envelope to keep them company ;o)

Then there’s the non-sewing related things:

Score and CD for the piece I’ll be singing at the Albert Hall on the 8th July, along with my mum (and a few thousand others)

And finally Cybil and Sabine.

This pair arrived back around Easter time, but I forgot to show them to you before now.  They do need a bit of background though, so let me take you back about 18 months to when I adopted this little guy, Pip.

You may not believe it, but I have a horribly sentimental side, and I feel sorry for poor and maligned things (even inanimate objects!) so when I saw Pip my heart melted, such a sorrowful expression!  Anyway, the pay gods conspired so that I couldn’t get him until just after halloween (although the adoption gods were obviously looking favourably on me by not letting him go until then).  Poor wee Pip sits on my sofa surrounded by beary friends, and he even has a snowman, Chilly, that also came from Kelly, the genius behind these wee guys, to play with too.  He still looked so sad though, and when he realised he had sisters up for adoption he turned those sad eyes on me.  What to do when you’ve adopted the saddest little pumpkin in the patch?  Again, the pay gods needed to be appeased, and I felt I couldn’t adopt one sister without the other, so they remained for quite a while, sitting in Kelly’s shop, while Pip looked sadder by the minute!  Then the pay gods, and a sale aligned for me, and Cybil and Sabine were duly dispatched.  I think Pip looks marginally cheerier now, what do you think?