Do you ever leave things to the last minute?  You know, things that you could have done weeks, even months before an event, things that require other people to do things too?  Just me?  Well in the last few weeks, a number of all of my friends attending the FQ Retreat have been showing off their Moo mini cards:




I was holding out – deliberately, it wasn’t procrastination, honest!  It’s just that I didn’t think I had enough quilty photos to justify making any up.  I explained this and got replies along the lines of ‘to hell with that, we want the bears’.  Right then, bears it was…  So I went through a long, tedious process of resizing everything, had to use the calculator rather too much, and finally had them at the size Moo recommends (378 x 874 pixels).  Oh, except what it doesn’t say is that you lose a whole chunk round all the edges – argh!  I discovered this last night about 11 pm, having spent all night resizing, and there might have been a few sweary words come out!  So tonight, I’m resizing them all again, with extra borders round them, and having another go…  Then I looked at the delivery times *sigh*  Okay, so procrastination costs you rush rates!  So what have I learned from this?  Take better photos of quilt blocks for Moo purposes, and resize and save as you go!!!  By Sewing Summit I’ll have it cracked…