Remember that ruler tote I mentioned last Wednesday?  Well after I finished my project for Julie, I decided it was time to knock one up.  (Apologies for the bad pics, that’s what happens when you finish projects at 11:40 pm ;o) )

You will notice that there’s quite a bit of space where both of my current sets of rulers are, because I have another couple of bigger ones on their way to me, and I wanted them to fit too.  It’s a fairly simple construction, with pockets for my smaller rulers and a rotary cutter (the solid red part, it’s a bit hard to see the rulers in them), and elastic to hold the bigger ones in place (several deep).  I just went for a simple binding, and herringbone tape ties to close it.  The fabric is home decor weight that I’ve had sitting waiting to be made into bags for some time now, and I just love the bright, cheery colours in this, I felt it deserved a good show!  I’ve added some fusible fleece to keep the rulers protected a bit from being bashed about too.  Handily, my cutting mat fits inside too (although it wasn’t particularly designed to do so) so double win!