Back at the end of March, Lynne, over at Lily’s Quilts, announced a new charity drive for quilts for a charity based in London called Siblings Together.  The charity aims to reunite siblings separated in the care system at a camp once a year, and Lynne thought it would be nice to donate a quilt or two so that the kids could each have one to take home after the camp.  The quilting world swung into gear, blocks, tops, quilts began pouring onto the Flickr group.  With the deadline for them being in early July, I didn’t think I had the time (or fabric) to make a suitable quilt in time, but up stepped my friend Ella, who’s in the US, who could donate tops, but would find sending entire quilts rather bankrupting.  Backing, basting, quilting and binding?  That I thought I could do, and here they are after a wash and a dry (please excuse strange shadows, there was other washing on the other ropes of gran’s line!):

Quilt #1:

Quilt #2:

The back (the same for both):

Arty shot of the back and front together (not terribly well done!)

And the obligatory rolled up shot (which shows that my folding/rolling skills are abysmal)

The back is black klona around an Ikea mini bolt that was the ideal length to do two quilts.  I had bought it on a whim a couple of months ago, and when I saw the animals on the front of quilt #1, I thought it would be perfect.  I did organic wavy line quilting in a rainbow coloured variegated Gutterman’s Sulky, not too densely so that they were snuggly, and added a multi-coloured binding I found in the local fabric shop.  Given how perfectly it matches the animal and flower colours, I think, by happy coincidence, that it might actually be the same line!

I’ll be taking them down to the FQ retreat to hand over to Lynne’s friend at the charity who will be coming along to collect them.  If anyone else up here needs me to, I can take theirs down in the car too as long as they can get them to me, just let me know :o)