First of all, the SMS Giveaway.  Thank you to everyone that stopped by, and welcome to the new followers, it was so gratifying to know that so many of you were happy to take me out in whatever way you could to get a ticket to FQR or Sewing Summit ;o)

Without further ado, the winner is:

Georgia, I’ve sent you an e-mail.

I can also finally reveal my Retro Flowers recipient – my mum!  It’s her birthday in June, but she and my dad were up this weekend, so I gave it to her now, all tied up in a big bow :oD  Here she is doing her best quilt modelling – she would like it to be noted that had she realised she would be modelling, she would have ensured she had a much more exciting, sparkly outfit…

You can definitely tell it’s nearly summer here now, these were taken at 9:45 tonight!