Amy's Creative Side

Amy, over at Amy’s Creative Side is running the Spring Blogger’s Quilt Festival again, and this time I don’t feel like quite such a fraud for entering!  (Apologies to those that have been round these part for the past few weeks, but it’s going to be *that* quilt again, really, feel free to not read the description again ;o) )

Back in January when I signed up for Rachel’s Curves class I got a special offer on the Retro Flowers pattern, which I leapt on at the time (because really, who doesn’t love a bargain, regardless of how fab you think the ones springing up around blogland are?) but hadn’t got round to using for a while.  I was quite bad at doing the class projects at the time, although I had plans to revisit some when I had a bit more time, so when the Retro Flowers QAL started, I was doing pretty well for time, and I needed to make something for a gift for the end of May, so it seems like the perfect match.  

The recipient did not need a huge quilt, in fact I thought it would work well as a wall hanging too, so I went for a 3×3 layout.  Whilst my heart normally sings rainbows, I thought that perhaps the recipient might not be quite so thrilled with something eye searingly bright, so I went for nice calm aquas and greys.  I was slightly haphazard in picking my fabrics, starting with hitting up M is for Make and finding 7 fabrics there, 4 grey, 3 in mint/aqua.  I didn’t know if they would actually go together, because really, who knew how good the photos were for colour representation, but it was worth a shot!  When they arrived, I then grabbed a couple of fat quarters I happened to have in my stash – grey flowers from Sweetwater’s Sunkissed line and some Stof Basics in aqua with white dots.  I grabbed some Klona white for my background fabric (that would be a budget version of Kona for those not in the know, and readily available here), and also used it on the back (as there didn’t seem much point using a pieced back for a wall hanging!)  The binding is Sherbet Pips white squares on grey. 

Fabrics amassed, I grabbed my templates and started cutting.  And cutting.  Seriously, this quilt has a LOT of cutting, I was glad I was only doing a small one!  Next step was a production line, easing myself in with the squares, and then miles and miles of curves…  I did the curves using the pinless method and only actually had a couple of unsew, which seemed to directly correlate to how I starched the fabric (for the Sunkissed flowers, I forgot to starch initially, and they gave me the most problems).  I ended up with my shoulders up round my ears by the end from all the concentrating, but once the curves were all sewn, pressed and trimmed it was a breeze!  I added 3″ of white border, then did my first ever FMQ with quite a dense meandering stipple in white.  I was so happy with how well the stippling went, and it was very forgiving of the fact that I happened to run out of basting spray about 1″ from the top edge!  Finally it was bound and thrown in the wash – I just love how crinkly it came out, it’s such a fab texture!

The recipient will receive it in the next couple of weeks, and I do hope it’s loved :o)  Now I want one for me, in a bigger version… (I have plans ;o) )