You know I needed another thing to do like a hole in the head, right?  So when Nicky posted about her entry for the Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition a few weeks ago, and mentioned that there was still time to enter, my curiosity was piqued.  I duly went and bought my pack, and it arrived a couple of weeks ago, although I had to set it aside for a while whilst I contemplated what I was actually going to do!

This is what arrived:

There’s no requirement to actually sew anything, but I had decided that was the route I was best placed to take, and then I stalled.  Fast forward to the sewing crisis of the bank holiday weekend, and the Zakka Style SAL week 5, which was for a pencil case (although I made mine cutter cases).   With the coincidental arrival of the supply list for the FQ Retreat earlier in the week, I realised that while I had no use for a little bitty pencil case to take with me, a large one that could accommodate my newly purchased tin of coloured pencils, along with a bunch of pens, pencils, markers and the like would be very useful.  

I thought the trimmings really suited the Zakka style with their colourings, so matching them up with linen was a no-brainer.  Then I set to designing a case which could hold my pencil tin in the back section, with a pocket for each writing implement and craft knife, plus pencil sharpener and rubber at the front.  I’d originally thought of using a magnetic snap for closure, but I find that they can be so strong that I was afraid that given the relative flimsiness of a pencil case, especially made of linen, it would rip through.  I thought about buttons next, but that was possibly going to interfere with my flap design.  Cue looking at the SAL pencil case and noticing that the handy wee band closure would be perfect!

Having ordered the ‘cool’ pack of trimmings, I sorted them out into what I felt were 3 logical groups.  The group with the navy text, navy flowers, grey flowers, grey text and one of the pieces of grey hearts was destined for the band.  The other 2 groups, aqua and grey, and yellow and green, were supplemented with a little co-ordinating Echino from my stash.  I had decided to use these groups to make up some patches to be reverse appliqued to the back of the main body of the pouch and the flap, and having done some tapering of the flap section, and taking into account the band location, I mapped out where my 5 circles of patches would go.  For the patches themselves, I just stuck the fabric onto some woven fusible interfacing, then did a small zig zag stitch between sections to hold the edges down.  This was the best way I could find to preserve the elephants, as well as some of the other prints.  Next I cut the patches down to circles, and sewed them onto the linen in my chosen location.  I then cut out the centre circle on the linen to reveal the applique beneath.  Finally, I added a layer of fusible fleece behind the entire piece, so that I could do some hand quilting around the outside of the circles and provide some protection for the contents – I knew all that perle cotton that I bought for bear noses would have other uses!

For the front of the body of the pouch I worked out how many sections I would need for pens and pencils, leaving it as a solid piece of linen for now, then created little pockets for my pencil sharpener and rubber at the end (which have an ‘extras’ section behind).  Using some Kokka Trefle fabric I’d had in my stash for a while for the lining, I used some double sided fusible fleece to add a little padding, then tacked it onto the linen for the main body section, which I had backed in fusible woven interfacing and fusible fleece.  Having tacked round the edges, I then dug out the trusty Frixion pen to mark the lines to stitch down for the pen/pencil sections, and topstitched them (nope, I won’t be sticking my pencil case in the freezer for the black to reappear).  Next I attached the band, before digging out my trusty typewriter style Inkadinkadoo mini letter stamps and Versacraft inkpad so that I could label each little pocket.

Still with me?  I was a little exhausted by this point lol  My last step was to marry the 2 pieces together and add the lining.  Due to the cut I had of the Kokka, I had to do the lining in 2 pieces, but it could be made by one continuous strip if you had a full yard cut.  I did a simple join and turn through an opening along the flap edge, then top-stitched along the edge to finish it off.

Then I thought I really needed a covered notepad too, so I knocked that up tonight…

Et voila:

Notepad and case:

Front of case:

Back of case:

Inside of case:

Close up of pockets, and look at the end, my wee label, the first time I’ve ever used one :o)

So has anyone else entered?  I want to see :oD