Remember how last week was so productive?  Yeah, this week not so much!  Well, not on the sewing front anyway, I had a rush flat deep clean over the weekend for the surveyor coming on Monday (which I only found about on the Friday!) however since that ended, I’ve been in a rather zen-like state, as it feels like there’s nothing else I can do to help that area, and I’m relatively on top of everything else except those moo cards…  Oh, and hayfever has been kicking my arse this week – ugh!

Finishes This Week:

Piece Bee With You block – this was ‘our favourite’ which I think cost me a few brain cells trying to work out what to do!

Sew Bee Joyful block – a bookshelf, except I decided to be smart and do a leaning one at the end, and didn’t have quite enough grey to make it work in one piece above, however, I conquered it in the end!

FQR prep for EPP class – I’ve got all my templates and fabric cut and bagged now

In Progress This Week:

FQR prep for Portholes class – I’ve cut my sheet of greyboard down, and I’ve ordered fabric for the class (this involved more head scratching, but I hope what I’ve gone for will give you a bit of a giggle anyway)

Tutorial for Julie

To Be Worked On This Week: 

Tutorial for Julie – This is my top priority, and will hopefully be done by the end of the weekend.

FQR prep for Portholes class – I just need to cut my calico down for this

FQR prep for Freezer Paper Piecing Class – I need to dumpster dive sort through my scraps to find suitable thread spools and wee houses, plus need to chop off a few bits of freezer paper from the roll

Ruler Tote – this may be a tad optimistic, but if I can I’d like to put together a ruler tote – I have a pattern written up, and have the fabric needed, I just need to find time before the retreat

Now, see, that list to be worked on looks reasonable, right?  Did I mention that my parents are up this weekend and that I have a class Sunday afternoon, plus a couple of exercise classes after work with a friend?  Still look achievable?!  We’ll see…

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