I had the weekend from hell quilting-wise.  I had all these great intentions – back, baste, quilt and bind 2 Siblings Together quilts and back, baste and make a start on quilting my Retro Flowers…  I got both Siblings together quilts backed, basted and quilted, and then it all started to go wrong (which probably serves me right for thinking I was doing so well as to have got that far by mid-evening on Saturday!)  I got the binding sewn to the front of quilt #1, and started on quilt #2.  I ran out of binding about halfway down the 4th side (and will have to go out and get more fabric for it at lunchtime tomorrow).  Then I decided to sew down the binding on the back of quilt #1.  I machine bind, because that’s just how I learned, but I had been finding I had quite a bit of excess binding on the back after sewing, so I decided to narrow it a bit.  This was the point that I apparently started sewing like a 6 fingered baboon, so when I turned the quilt over when I was done to examine the binding, I discovered the stitches meandering all over the place, and a good chunk of them not actually on the binding at all.  Grrrrrrr.  I spent more time than I care to think on Sunday unsewing the binding, then tacking it down, then machine sewing it again (let’s put it this way, I got through an episode of Marple, an episode of Dalziel and Pascoe, an episode of Smash, and a film during this time).  Once I have the rest of the binding for #2, I’ll make sure to just tack first, then sew…

So, on to those Retro Flowers.  I’m backing them in klona white, and had ordered some more last week that I had expected Parcel Force to deliver by Saturday – ha, no chance!  I then measured what I had in my stash and found I was 2″ short.  Sweary words were uttered, and there might just have been a small temper tantrum…  At that point I seized my Zakka Style book and took up this week’s pencil case challenge, then I practised a bit of the quilting I’m planning on the Retro Flowers, and finally on Monday I grabbed my Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition packet and demanded that it co-operate with me, which it pretty much has since then.


1 Siblings Together quilt (sorry, no pics yet)

2 Zakka Style rotary cutter cases:

In Progress: 

1 Siblings Together quilt – just need to finish the binding

Retro Flowers quilt – hoping the backing will arrive soon!

Umbrella Prints Trimmings competition entry – hopefully I can reveal all tomorrow

To Work On This Week: 

Everything currently in progress!

Annabella’s Stitch Tease Block – I think I have a plan, I just need to assess my fabric stash to work out what to use on it.

I’m hoping this week lets me finish all my ‘In Progresses’ listed above, and that bee block, anything after that will be a bonus!

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