This week’s Zakka Style Sew Along project was for a pencil case, however I have other plans for a pencil case, so having seen a couple of people making them for their cutters, I thought my 2 needed little cases for the FQ Retreat.  I made them to co-ordinate with my sewing kit too :oD  I added ‘little’ (28mm) and ‘large’ (45mm) so I could tell the difference when rummaging in a bag, and gave them corresponding sized birds.  I think if I make them again (and they were a ludicrously quick make) and stamping the flap, I’d stamp a bit higher, but as they’re just for me, it’s fine!  I think I’d also taper the flap slightly to fit under the band more neatly. Incidentally, these are 1/2″ wider than the pencil cases, since I have the deluxe squeezy handle cutters.

BTW, for those of you that loved Carl, he’s now on sale in Joanna’s shop at a bargain €3.50, so pop on over there and pick a copy of his pattern up :o)