Thank you for all the sympathy and expressions of sorrow at my pain laughing at me yesterday, I appreciated it so much ;o)

Cherie very kindly sent me a couple of awards that weren’t for the afflicted:

The “Sunshine Award” is for positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere.  The “One Lovely Blog” Award is just what is says – your blog is lovely (she doesn’t know me well yet ;o) )

Now I have a bunch of questions to answer to bare my soul…

Favourite Colour – Hmm, I like rainbow bright colours

Favourite Animal – Bears of course!

Favourite Number –  3 or 7

Favourite Drink – Coke Zero (non alcoholic) vodka and cranberry (good night out ;o) )

Facebook or Twitter – Twittish

My Passion – Creating, be it bears, bags, clothes, quilts, photos, fabric, love it all!

Giving or Getting Presents – Giving

Favourite Day – Weekends :oD

Favourite Flowers – Artificial ones, I have hayfever ;o)  Gerberas preferably

Okay, I’m not going to name people to carry these forward, but if anyone would like to pick one up and run with it, go for it :o)