Okay, possibly me, since I was happily using my new stamp cutting tools last night and managed to carve my fingers 3 times o.O

To be fair, the shop had no hand guards, and they didn’t mention I’d need one when buying all the kit, so it didn’t occur to me I’d need one until I noticed I had a pamphlet in the box that had a guard pictured on it!

Anyway, if I hadn’t cut myself I wouldn’t have been out at lunchtime buying plasters and overhearing the following:

Superdrug shop worker to manager: Can I get the code to that door out the back?
Manager: What code?
Shop worker: The door says it’s alarmed, I’ll need a code, right?
Manager: Don’t be silly, there’s no alarm
Shop worker: Really?
Manager: Are you going to believe an inanimate object or me?
Shop worker: Well okay…

2 minutes later the fire alarms for the entire shopping centre went off.

Next up was a conversation I overheard between a blonde and an unfortunate stationery company worker at the other end of the phone.  The blonde was complaining because she had crates of paper sitting in her delivery area when she had only ordered 50 reams.  Oh, a box and a ream aren’t the same thing?  That’s 50 boxes?  Well when did you change that?  No, it’s not always been that way.  Oh, for 3 years?  Well someone else does normally do the ordering these days. Anyway, I want you to take it away.  Yes all of it.  Yes I know someone else in the building is missing a crate of paper but I don’t want to get charged for it.

Guess that other department is going paperless ;o)

Anyone else embracing the stupid today?