It’s that time of the week again where we band together to give advice to our fellow travellers heading to Sewing Summit.

A few weeks ago one of my readers asked if we had any tips for first time visitors.  We’re all first time visitors too, but I thought I would pass on some of the things I’m intending to do having closely studied all the blogs from last year.

1. You need to have the right luggage.  Anyone who’s anyone was making their own luggage last year, with the Amy Butler Weekender bag the pinnacle of bag-making glory.  Elizabeth, from Don’t Call Me Betsy has a review for Purse Palooza this week just to help you along:

Now if, like me, you’re flying in for this event, then it’s likely the Weekender is just not going to be up to doing the job by itself, so I suggest you start brushing up now on how to make your own suitcase.  Remember you don’t want that suitcase to be too heavy – there are weight limits, and you want to be able to cram as much fabric and other goodies in there as possible.

First of all you’re going to need a very large cardboard box – you might need to go out and buy a new TV or fridge just to get one suitably big enough.  Now you’ll need to cut round the middle on 3 sides part way down so you can open and close it.  Grab a zip long enough to go all the way round the opening and staple gun that baby in place.  Then you’ll want to cover that thing with fabric to match your Weekender bag (you couldn’t possibly have mismatched luggage)and finally a couple of layers of sticky back plastic over the whole thing – this should stop the fabric getting marked in the hold, and give it some added strength.

If you’re not up for trying the cardboard box option, or just can’t afford the new appliance to get one big enough, you can always raid the local charity shops and acquire some ‘vintage’ luggage which you can cover with fabric to match your Weekender bag.

2. Don’t forget to label yourself.  Everybody needs a badge to show off their name and blog – if you have a little known blog though, maybe find a famous blogger from outside the US that’s not going and steal their name and blog name for your name badge, after all, who’s going to know what they really look like?  You can then dine out on their reputation and hopefully get more friends and attention rather than being billy no-mates in the corner.

3. Next you’ll want to make yourself a bum-bag – try and make ones to match your outfits so they blend right in.

Those classes you’ll be attending will have freebies, and you want to walk out of there with as many as your little hands can grab, so a bum bag is going to be ideal to store the extras in for you to smuggle out.

I do hope these have helped you with your upcoming trip preparations, we’ll catch you all next week.  Don’t forget in the meantime, that if you have a ridiculous question that you’d like a ridiculous answer to, just leave us a comment…