Do you remember a few weeks ago when I tortured you with good news that I couldn’t share?  What do you mean ‘No, I have better things to be remembering…’?!  Anywho, a few weeks ago, just before I started to torture you all, a lovely e-mail dropped into my inbox from Laura, bee mama extraordinaire, inviting me to be a member of the most amazingly awesome (insert superlative adjective of choice here) Brit Bee.  Never, when I started my quilting journey late last August, did I imagine I’d be invited into a group of this calibre.  Actually, even that morning I hadn’t imagined it!  Judith had decided that she needed some time off, and, lacking any other options and knowing that I stalk them all when looking for a replacement, Laura thought of me, wasn’t that lovely of her?

So here are my very first Brit Bee blocks, which are for ace quilter Trudi, who wanted flying geese of some kind.  We got a bag with some of Valori Wells’ Karavan fabric, and a bunch of scraps, to produce either 2 12 1/2″ blocks or a ginormous one for her to try and wrangle in somehow.  I went for the boring 12 1/2″ jobs, since you may recall that triangles and I are not the best of friends…

The block on the left just popped into my head, and then I had to get out all my fingers and toes to do the maths to work out the geese sizes o.O  Possibly if I did more traditional blocks I would be more familiar with standard sizes, but there was head scratching and oath muttering and everything (not least because I am apparently unable to count to 6, and first of all made 5 of each colour of goose…)

The block on the right appeared in Trudi’s inspiration mosaic, so I borrowed the cutting directions for a block that has double rows of little geese that appears in the Modern Blocks book, and then threw in the big geese (far less maths and head scratching involved in this one)

Phew, so one set of bee blocks down, 3 more to go this month!