I spent a fabulous 5+ hours on Sunday with the lovely ladies from Bespoke Atelier at their studio in the Glue Factory at Garscube Industrial Estate in Glasgow.  I had bought a voucher from Itison for one of their beginner textile printing workshops, and it might be the best voucher I’ve ever bought from them (well, the annual 60% off Mandors fabric vouchers might come close ;o) ).

Armed with a pile of sugar paper, pencils, rubbers and some craft knives, we set to creating our own stencils, which we’d use for the screen printing on some roughly fat eighths of calico.  I had done some preliminary sketches of ideas I wanted to try, and got several of them done, as well as a wee play with something I saw in their bundle of inspiration pictures too.  One or two of my fellow course attendees may have been a tad overambitious, given how little they were able to take away, but everyone seemed happy when they left.  This is what I came up with:

After seeing the new Lucy’s Crab Shack line from Sweetwater (which I will be buying imminently!) I wanted to try a whimsical washing line, so this was my first effort.  I was pleased with how the line came out, since I had to just cut a series of wee channels for it (if I’d cut it all the way along I would have ended up with floating bits between the pegs that would have been awkward to try and place for masking purposes.)  This is about a 12″ long line of washing.

This was something that caught my eye from their inspiration pile, which contained a Scandinavian type collection of flowers, although this is rather more straight laced than the more childlike sketches in their picture.  You can see I needed to extend the masking to the left, as that was ink that went past the edge of the paper, but I can cut it down when I come to use it if I want.  It’s about 8″ high anyway.

For my next attempt, I wanted to try a VW camper van.  I’d seen some great images of them lately, and I loved the pouches that Judith made recently, one of which she brought to FQR.  When I was looking for photos of them online to do a sketch from last night, it was the ones with the original style that I thought would look best head on.  I sketched some side views too, and of a beetle, but I didn’t have time to get to them this time.  I love how this came out, and the girl running the class suggested I frame it!  I think I might work it into something, but I’m not sure what yet… It’s about 8″ high if anyone has any ideas.

Finally we were given a tote bag to decorate, so I had a play with some beach huts and a striped screen that I’d found.  If I’d had more time, I’d have done some channels down the sides and bottom when I did the blue layer to help them stand out more, but at least I know for next time :o)

I had so much fun, I’ve signed up for their intermediate weekend course at the end of August, when we’ll be getting to work with screens where the image is exposed onto a screen rather than the fiddly cutting out of stencils, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how that will work, and what sort of intricacies I can come up with!