So back to that Friday where we left our heroes propping up the bar…  The FQ gang/teachers escaped the mad women pretty quickly, as they were in need of sustenance to replenish their superhero powers for the rest of the weekend, so then there were 5 – Pippa, Trudi (who we’d found out on the streets, as you do), Susan, Leanne and myself.  Pippa then decided she needed to relieve Harrods of most of their Hello Kitty stock, so we left her to that (there’s only so much pink and cute a person needs, and, well, we didn’t need any), and then there were 4.  We had another drink to help us decide our next move, before popping down to Shaukat, home of a plethora of Liberty fabrics at slightly less than Liberty prices, oh, and just down the road from the hotel too, and Trudi knew where to find it!

We were very restrained in our purchases, 1m for me and 2 for Trudi, and we wiped a little drool off Susan and some fabrics, and as we emerged, we decided it was probably coming up to dinner time, especially with the Tikki event over in Kew.  Susan and I lit eyes on a Vietnamese place across the road and were desperate to go in, but alas, they didn’t open til 7 :o(  We meandered back up towards South Kensington tube and found a great Italian place (with real, live, actual Italians running it) at a decent price, however from the moment the food arrived, our friends could obviously sniff it out, because Susan’s phone was getting inundated with people wanting to come out and play too.

We ended up giving Terri, Jude and Sarah directions to walk, before Susan and I headed over to rescue Kat.  Now the first 3 hadn’t reached the restaurant by the time we left, so we realised we’d be passing them just as, coincidentally, I spotted them across the street.  Cunningly though, they hadn’t spotted us, so Susan said the only thing to do was do the running, screaming greeting thing.  I wish we’d You-tubed it, I really do!  Sarah, game for anything, flung her arms open for a hug, Terri eyed us somewhat warily, and Jude squealed in fright like a wee girl and tried to hide behind Sarah (a good 6 inches shorter than her)  Once they’d recovered from the shock, they were sent on their way, and we found not only Kat, but also Pippa and Cindy at the hotel, so we brought them back too.  Our table at the restaurant was now seriously cosy, so half of us decamped to the pavement for a chat, while the rest dined on.

Once we were all suitably revived, and ready to face the evening, 5 of them scarpered in a taxi to Tikki, and Terri, Cindy, Trudi, Pippa and I hit the tube…  On the tube Terri regaled us with all the tales of how her children would ultimately need therapy (my mum totally approved, incidentally, so Terri, just think, your kids could end up as twisted as me… ;o) )  Now the tube bit of the journey was fine, but what we didn’t realise was that there were 2 doors out, and, naturally, we took the wrong one, and then turned the wrong way onto the road we needed to go down because we were facing the wrong way to start with.  What’s a 1/2 – 3/4 mile detour between friends anyway ;o)  In the end, Terri dug out her iPad and we trudged back past the station to where the shop was.  Fabric and Pimms, what more could a bunch of mad quilters want on a Friday night?!  So we shopped til we dropped, and then wound our way back to the hotel bar again, before I wound my way over to my aunt and uncle’s for the night, and to stow my purchases away.

Tikki purchases