Well, what else would I be doing with deadlines looming than having a play? ;o)  At least they were related to the deadlines…

Firstly I’ve been playing with these:

Over the last week I’ve been drawing out and then carving designs for stamps for the hand printed fabric swap (and carving my fingers too if you recall ;o) )  I still have one more to draw and carve, and then I’m ready to go, but I thought I ought to test the ones I had done out to see if I needed to do any trimming of the background:

As it turned out there were a few things I needed to look at, so it was a worthwhile exercise.  Hopefully I’ll be good to go on the full sized pieces tomorrow.

While that was drying, I’ve been working on my upcoming pattern submission.  This is as detailed as you’re going to see before I send it off, sorry!

Hope you’ve all been having a fun Saturday too, and if you’re in the UK, you’ve managed to stay in away from the nasty weather!