Um, I have to admit I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon with the Finish Along for this quarter, and the end is fairly nigh!  So let’s see what was there to start with:

  • Finish my Stained Quilt for granny’s birthday – done! 
  • Get my rainbow road curves made into a laptop bag – err, huge fat fail so far 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 2 into something – whew, done, it went into a bag for the sample swap at FQR 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 3 into a messenger bag – that would be another fail so far 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 5 into a cushion cover – done! 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 6 into something – nope, still languishing on my desk in block form 
  • Finish that rainbow windmill cushion – ugh, no! 

Now given that there’s 2 weeks left in this month, and I still have 1 bee block (for which I’ve not received the fabrics yet) and a bee strip to do, plus finish my 241 totes for their review, lets see what I can reasonably do…

  • Laptop bag?  Nope, that’s going to need new techniques, and I haven’t got time to play right now 
  • Messenger bag?  I think using the tute I did for Julie with some adaptations, I can do this 

  • Putting a rocket in something?  Nope.  I know what I’d like to make with it, but I want to make it into a pattern, so that will have to wait. 
  • Rainbow windmill? Maybe?  I don’t know, I’m so out of love with the whole process right now that maybe it would be best to let that sleeping dog lie a while longer! 

So here’s what I’m definitely going to be working with for the messenger bag, think pretty, happy thoughts!