I am uncharacteristically ahead of schedule with my bee blocks!  It may be because Sew Bee Joyful is now over (Miss July and Miss August vanished, so I said I would sit out my turn as Miss September so that we could wrap up) or because we have longer with Stitch Tease for this block, but anyway, there it is!  Fiona asked us to make her some high and low value blocks.  She sent us some Flea Market Fancy to use as the high value to make small traditional blocks, set in a large variety of fabrics for the low value, in a combination of weights and patterns and solids, arranged any way we wanted.

For my first block, I went with a high value snowball, using the pink and orange FMF I was sent, along with some off white that was in there as well (I’m sorry, I really should have taken a photo of the pile before I started, oh well!).  For the HSTs I used the Thangles that the lovely Katy sent me a while ago, in an effort to persuade me that triangles weren’t that evil.  I actually think this is a technique for HSTs that I can get on board with, as it’s somewhat less stress inducing that the free form ones.  I then surrounded the block with a log cabin style selection of strips that were a variety of widths. with no particular order in mind.

Now this is the one that I was 7/8ths done last Wednesday.  You see those little pink seed pod corners on my framed pinwheel?  They were my undoing, after I realised, having chopped all my fabric up, that I was going to be just too short on 2 of the required 1 1/2″ squares – argh!  I hunted through my entire stash in case anyone had ever sent me some as extras in a swap, I went through every collection of charms that I possess in case I’d ever got any in those kinds of swaps, but nada, and I knew I hadn’t ever bought any myself…  Thankfully Fiona a) had some more, and b) was able to post it out quickly, so I was able to get this done.  Again I used Thangles on the low value HSTs, but on the pinwheels I had to free form them, and I was a less happy camper as I lost a bit of a centre point :o(

Anyway, I hope these work for you Fiona, I had fun finding teeny block patterns!