Okay, I really did not do a stellar job this quarter with all the things on my list for Rhonda’s Finish Along.  It all started so well, and then went downhill, ah well, such is life!  (It’s not like I was sitting around with my feet up anyway ;o) )

2012 Finish-A-Long

Here was my list (which, incidentally, has not changed, finish wise, since I posted a few weeks ago, oops!)

  • Finish my Stained Quilt for granny’s birthday – done! 
  • Get my rainbow road curves made into a laptop bag – computer says no…
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 2 into something – done, it went into a bag for the sample swap at FQR 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 3 into a messenger bag – I really wanted to get to this, but alas it sits at the end of the table and taunts me… 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 5 into a cushion cover – done! 
  • Turn my FPPFTT block 6 into something – uh uh 
  • Finish that rainbow windmill cushion – ugh, no! 

So 3 out of 7 completed there.  Maybe next quarter I should be cunning and only post things I *have* to make – what do you think? ;o)

On to 3 for July then (I sat June out):

traceyjay quilts

1. My frame purse for the frame purse swap.  I started working on this last night, so fingers crossed that after some embroidery on the train this weekend I might have it done by the following weekend…

2. I really want to get cracking with My Precious, having had to put it to one side for more pressing projects, so I’ll try and see if I can get my bubbles made up:

3. I have a pencil case and a kindle cover requested by them down south, so I will have to work out what to use for them…