This has rather been dominating my life in the past few days:

Hayfever met asthma in a rather brutal way when the weather got a bit better last week.  With all the rain there’s been this summer, I’ve really just had to contend with a runny nose and some itchy eyes, but last week something serious came out to play and I’ve been wheezing rather badly, until sleep wasn’t really happening, and hacking up a lung was rather more the order of the day.

Last night this lot came out to play too:

That’s what comes of sticking your hand into a packet full of rotary cutter blades…

Anyway, despite all this, I made it to my pattern drafting class on Saturday, finished my skirt toile, then came home to take a nap!  I’ll show you the finished skirt when it’s done, but I’m rather pleased with where I am with it now.

I was really trying to build myself up for yesterday at Jo’s shop, where I met up with Jo, Sarah and Jenny (Sarah’s mum), Fiona, Lynz and Julie.  Whilst the day did require me to sneak off with my little blue friend from the top pic a few times, a great day was had by all with show and tell, sewing, shopping, oh, and eating.  There was LOTS of eating, in fact here’s my only pic I remembered to take all day, of a little bear whose eyes were definitely bigger than his stomach!

And here’s the haul I came home with.  You’ll notice the pack of cutter blades is one short, as I decided to switch out the blade of my larger cutter when I came home last night, and which was the main cause of picture #2 – oh well!

I was glad to be able to actually buy some #8 perle cotton in the flesh, as I find it quite difficult to shop online for and either a) tell the exact shade, or b) see all my options together to decide on the best combination.  Alice just leapt into my basket for fun, no idea what she’ll turn into!

Hope you all had a fun weekend :o)

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