When Kelly first announced that she was running the My Precious Quilt Along, I knew instantly which lines I would use, and what quilts I wanted to make, and they would be mine, all mine, bwahahahahaha.  Sorry, got a bit carried away there ;o)  Anyway, my plan was to use my Prince Charming stash to make 2 bubbles quilts, and my Echo to make a picture wall type quilt.  Now I started off with great intentions to do the Prince Charming ones first, and have actually progressed as far as working out my ‘bubbles’ and making up the paper piecing templates for them, however they’re quite complex, and will be quite time consuming.  Finding myself with a couple of hours that weren’t scheduled to make things for anyone else the other night, I dived in to the Echo.  I was feeling in an improvvy mood, and I thought this would satisfy it.

Ignore the Echino here ;o)

When Echo first came out, I grabbed a fat 1/16th bundle from M Is For Make, and the intention was to use this, along with the co-ordinating solids bundles I picked up from Sew Fresh Fabrics (can I just say thank you to the sellers that take the time to pull co-ordinating bundles together for things, it’s so much easier than trying to do it yourself!).  I’m not following any plan, I just mixed my patterned fabrics up with the solids to find the best combos, and started randomly chopping.   Here’s the blocks I have so far:

I have no idea how this will all come together (not least because my design wall isn’t as big as the quilt top I have planned) I just know that it will be Kona Snow that I use as my ‘wall’ fabric that the pictures will be hanging on, and then I need another solid to frame it all.  I’m actually beginning to think that when Bella comes out in August, I’ll do the same idea with a fat 1/16th bundle of it and make that the other side.  It wouldn’t have a back really, I just think the Echo side can be facing up for autumn and winter, and Bella for spring and summer.  Or is that a silly idea?  I was thinking of then using randomly spaced straight lines in a grid to quilt it.

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