I’m beginning to think I need to stop naming the bears I make, because they seem to quite often become ‘That Bloody Bear’ or ‘MY Bear’ in correspondence.  Anyway, thankfully none of them has, as yet developed a complex about it…  Still the particular ‘Bloody Bear’ in question here was Maple, who rather endeared himself to Justine at FQR, however he was a little big for her needs (and if you’ve seen the size of Hunter, you’ll know that her arms only have so much spare space these days!)

So, for the first time in 3 months, the bearmaking paraphernalia is being dusted off, the pattern has been shrunk, the mohair dug out, and ultrasuede matched, and my index finger has started limbering itself up in preparation to becoming the bloody stump it’s usually reduced to when sewing the nose…  We may be some time here, with my list of ‘everything that needs to be done’, but Justine has assured me she’s not in a hurry (plus she has Hunter to hold right now anyway), so watch this space to see what this little pile turns into: