A couple of weeks ago I was super lucky to win the Zakka Style SAL prize on Angela’s blog.  I have to admit when I entered, I hadn’t really read the prize description properly, so I was expecting a wee package with a 5 pack of Aurifil thread in it.  Look what actually turned up:

I had a serious ‘holy cow’ moment at this point!  Thank you so much to Angela, and to Aurifil for sponsoring.  After buying a spool of the white 50wt from Cindy, which I collected at FQR, I’ve been amazed at the different in my piecing.  I know others say it, but I have to admit I’d been a weensy bit sceptical prior to this, I mean really, was Alex donning Superman suits while making the stuff or something? Having won a couple of the 5 packs before, I’d only used some of the heavier weight stuff for quilting, and hadn’t seen much of a difference with the Guttermans stuff that I can get locally, but the 50wt for piecing?  Wow!

I’ve now gone and organised my stash by colour and weight, and removed all the wool ones (the girls coming to Jo’s tomorrow can fight over them ;o) ).  The gorgeous ellies now have new homes too, one, ironically, in the Zakka Style book lol

Now I’m off to watch some sports, there’s some wee even going on down in London.