So, I feel I’ve kept our swap mama on tenterhooks long enough, and now it’s time for the big reveal of the finished purse for the In TheFrame Purse Swap.  I had had a few ideas, although the idea of a leaf for the outside had persisted for a while.  I then saw this pattern which is called a herringbone, but we’ll just kid on it’s a leaf ;o)  A few more cogs turned, I spotted the Fortune Cookie Purse on u-Handbag, and a purse was born… or something like that!  I just bought a frame and the pattern, then I made up the leaf bits first, opting for a solid centre section as opposed to two piece, leaving a few bits of the top and bottom of pattern off (as it was bigger than I needed)  Next, I backed it with some fusible woven interfacing and embroidered on a few wee critters.  After that I cut out the pattern pieces from this section, plus the other fabric sections and assembled the purse.  Now I have to say that gluing in the frame has never been an issue for me before, but this one was a bit of a b*gger!  I persevered though, and brute force and ignorance won the day ;o)  So here is the finished article:



Yawning cavernous inside

And here is the little extra that I made to go inside, I thought this week’s Zakka project was a perfect idea :o)

Now Nellie’s ready to pack her trunk purse and head off to her new home, alas, she has 11 days till the posting window opens, so she’ll just have to entertain herself for a while…