Last week wasn’t hugely productive in the machine sewing stakes, what with jaunts down south and singing in that wee place near Hyde Park, however I did have plenty of hand sewing with me to keep me going.  I was also a little busy making preparations to build a bear and guest posting tutorials for friends who had swanned off on holiday (it’s okay, if you think the mild teasing now when you start heading off is bad, just you wait til you’re all back at work and I’m off running round the US after SS – bwahahahaha)

Finishes This Week:

Linen and Liberty frame purse and tutorial for Kim.  This is now stuffed with goodies and winging its way to Kim:

In Progress This Week:

Rainbowy hexie loveliness.  I’m not sure exactly where I’m going next with this one, but probably a cushion, and I have a strip of black, white and grey, plus a few multicolours, for a strip at the back, possibly above a couple of colourful buttons?

Frame purse for the frame purse swap.  I have some hand sewing to do on this for the outside – I took this on the train too, but with an hour to go I didn’t fancy trying to negotiate my way to the bag it was in!  I just picture these panels as leaves with ladybirds and the like crawling on them from the minute I saw this tutorial.  Now I just need to get it and sewn on…  

That Bloody Bear mark II.  He’s just a pile of mohair and ultrasuede right now, but at least all his bits are together in one place ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish my frame purse for the swap
Whip up a fab extra for my frame purse recipient
Get my ‘No Sew’ project for Angela done 
I’m starting a series of classes on Sunday on clothing pattern design which I’m really looking forward to.  I’ve been trying (and failing) to do one of these classes for a year now, and finally the stars, available days and cash have aligned!

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