Wednesday again?!  Sheesh!  I didn’t even have the excuse of running off to London to distract me this week…  Still I did have some fun ventures :o)

Finishes This Week:

Framed purse and extra for the In The Frame Purse Swap:

My ‘No Sew’ project for Angela, but you’ll need to wait til later in the month for that, sorry!

In Progress This Week:

Remember the hexies from last week?  Well I was at my gran’s on Saturday, and as her neighbour had kindly painted her deck (which I’d been expecting to do) I got to sit and chat with her instead while ripping all the basting stitches and papers out.  It really does have to sit awhile now!

I’ve been developing my first pattern for a skirt at a pattern drafting class.  I can’t wait to learn more about this:

I’ve got 1 7/8ths of Fiona’s bee blocks done.  In case you’re wondering how you do 7/8ths of a bee block, that’s what you do when you miscalculate by a whopping 3″ x 1 1/2″ o.O  Thankfully Fiona has more fabric, and I was seeing her tomorrow anyway!  I’ll show these off when they’re all done…

I started a new series, Anatomy Of A Bear, which I would have said would be more polite than ASS Guru Sundays, but then I read the comments on part 1… ;o)

I also randomly started working on a My Precious quilt at about 11pm on Saturday, oh, but not the bubble ones, the Echo one.  What do you mean, ‘What Echo one?’  I mentioned it, like, once, months ago, how could you have forgotten?!  I’ll post more on that tomorrow.

To Be Worked On This Week:

TBB II series, part 2
Brit Bee blocks for Fiona
Pattern drafted skirt
Insert circle challenge prize

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