Another week, another eclectic selection of activities in the Thistle Patch!  Last night I was walking a 10k after work (as you do), and thankfully the downpour that was forecast held off until about 9:30, long after I was home again.  We’re currently doing the IT Olympics at work, and I’m taking part in the step challenge (noting down how far our pedometers say we’ve walked in a day), the 10k (which a friend conned me into doing and then dropped out of!), climbing, and at some point I’m meant to be showing off my awesome jenga skills…  On the crafty front I’ve meandered between quilt blocks, teddy bears, coasters, shirts and wiggly bags, so quite a normal week really ;o)

Finishes This Week: 

Brit Bee Blocks for Fiona (more on these tomorrow)

Coasters for Angela (well they were technically done last week, but I couldn’t share a photo til this week ;o) )

Wiggly bags for Emily (go here to read more about this charity drive)

In Progress This Week: 

TBB II – all the machine sewing is now done, I just need to hand stitch in his muzzle and foot pads

Shirt for me

Cutting fabric for my month as Miss August in Brit Bee – my hand is getting strangely claw like, and I have odd marks on my knuckles on my left hand from the templates…

To Be Worked On This Week:

Skirt and shirt for me (class on Saturday)

Secret Quilt for QAL (get together at Jo’s on Sunday)

Inset Circle Challenge prize

Finish cutting bee block fabric before I lose all sensation in my left hand and my right shoulder ends up somewhere up round my ear

Hope you all have a great week, linking up, as ever to:

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