traceyjay quilts

I swear my ability to remember the goals I’ve set myself is worse than my ability to actually stick to them!  Anyway, lets look at the 3 things I set myself to do in July:

1. Frame purse for my In The Frame Purse Swap partner – DONE!

2. Work on My Precious.  Well I did, just not the fabrics posted, but that counts, right?  RIGHT?!

3. Make a pencil case for him and a Kindle case for her down south.  Well in the end, her down south cancelled her order, as she already had a solution, but here’s the pencil case:

Whew, okay, now lets see what’s up for August:

1. I *need* to turn this into a messenger bag in time for my stop on the Practically Paper Piecing blog hop:

2. I really want to get a block done for Amy’s Texting While Sewing comp.  I have it all planned, I just need to find time to make it!

3. I need to get Susan’s Stitch Tease block done by the end of this month too I think, I’m seeing stars…