It’s Sunday again, which means that it’s time for the amazing ASS Gurus to guide you through yet another Sewing Summit process.  This week, it’s my turn…

The time is coming close to choose your classes, and there’s several strategies you can take here:

1. The freebie route – did you see some of the haul people came home with last year?  Seriously, there were people who could have opened a shop afterwards!

Sewing Summit Goodies
From the SS Flickr Group

If you adopt the right strategy, you too could start your own emporium supplying all the poor saps that couldn’t make it.  Now cunningly they don’t mention on the class descriptions what the freebies might be, so you need to stalk those teachers, befriend them, find out their innermost secrets, offer to name your firstborn after them, whatever it takes to work out what loot they might be offering up…

2. The celeb route – Now the people who teach at SS are all pretty much sewing celebs in one way or another, but what you really need to consider here, is who is going to look the coolest beside you in the blog post roundup photos afterwards, and who is going to put you to shame.  Now I can’t wait to meet the wonderful Jeni from In Color Order, but seriously, so teeny, so petite, I am soooo not putting my elephantine self next to her for a less than flattering photo!

Jeni B of In Color Order
From the SS Flickr Group

And lets not talk about Sara from Sew Sweetness!  Now I love Sara to bits, but I have seriously bad hair days, and with that awesome sleek mane of hair it will leave mine looking even more like I’ve been dragged through a hedge forwards, backwards and sideways, not to mention her amazing hand made dresses which will no doubt make me look like I’m wearing a circus tent!  Nuh uh, not going there!

Typewriters Dress
From the SS Flickr Group

3. The gift route – now if you plan things right, you could knock off a good chunk of your Christmas present list right here.  Great Auntie Ida would probably love a flowery frame purse from the Metal Frame Pouch class, and the men in your life would really appreciate an electric gizmo cover from ‘E’ Or ‘A’ Case class.  If you’re really on the ball you can promise a gift from each of your classes in exchange for Christmas money that, you know, they’d need to give you early in time for the shop hop…

shopping for fabric in SLC
From the SS Flickr Group

4. The besties route – to hell with what you’re learning, just book what your besties are doing.  Yeah, you have no kids, but really, that Down and Dirty Patternmaking Skills for Childrenswear class will come in useful somehow.  Never out of your jammies?  Who cares!  Sign up for that Special Occasion Sewing class, fancy up your nightie…

5. Finally, I suppose you could go to classes where you actually want to learn things, but that’s soooo boring ;o)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to consult a hairdresser and lose 30 lbs…

Remember if you have any questions, any at all, for the ASS Gurus, just leave a comment…

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