Hopefully after yesterday’s survey you’re not sick of answering questions, but I have more for you.  This set is Susan’s fault too (yes, Cindy has her Name Game, this week I’m playing the Blame Game ;o) ).  Really though, after I posted about my first pattern drafting class, she went planting seeds in my head about possible directions to take things with these…

Anywho, the first question is this:

Do you consider yourself:

a) Pear shaped – ample posterior, smaller waist and bust
b) Apple shaped – ample waist line, smaller hips and bust
c) Triangle shaped – ample bust, smaller waist and hips
d) Hour glass shaped – ample bust, smaller waist, ample hips
e) None of the above – beanpoles or brick latrines? ;o)

I know I’m a triangle – on clothing patterns the largest pattern size area is my bust, followed by my waist and then my hips – yep, I have no booty to shake (apologies for that mental image…)  Diana, above, is actually a teeny bit big on my hips, but very annoyingly I was right on the border between the small and large models, and in order to accommodate aforementioned big boobs, I had to get the large model.

Second question (now that I’ve delved into the most personal parts of your appearance)

When you see clothing patterns available by indie designers (and even the big companies), what sorts of things would you like to see more of when it comes to women’s clothing?

I’m leaving the answer section to this one as free text, because I’m really curious as to where you might see gaps in the market.  A lot of what I see online is for little girls – I mean let’s face it, on wee girls you can get away with heaps of frills, ruffles and bows that really, as an adult, you can’t, unless you’re chanelling Lady Gaga.  Whilst little girl patterns can seem more fun to sew because of that, are there things you’d like to see more of for you?

Finally, when it comes to obtaining your patterns, do you prefer:

a) Instant gratification PDFs where you have to stick 50 odd pieces of paper together
b) A longer wait for tissue patterns that are actually all in one piece, and you can see all the other sizes graded around it?

Please note that I have absolutely no ability to provide you with the above right now, I’m just thinking a few things through.

BTW, tomorrow will be Danny’s fault, as it’s her turn to be ASS Guru ;o)