Well I’ve got to the end of my pattern drafting class, which has been really fascinating, and got a whole new set of creative juices flowing (yes, I’m nearly drowning in them now ;o) ).  Here is Diana modelling what I created.  I’ve put the photos up separately, as they weren’t particularly intended to be worn together!


This was an interesting challenge, as my teacher is male, and had never done patterns for the, err, big bosomed amongst us!  To start with he was desperately trying to make the front pieces flat cut, while I was equally desperately trying to point out that in order to avoid the maternity-wear look, then I knew it would need a dart somewhere!  In the end you can see that the dart actually goes up from the bottom to under the bust line, and it’s also slightly shaped at the sides.

It does look a bit peculiar hanging up on a hanger, because the front pieces are rather wider than the back (accommodating the ample boobage without making me also look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame).  I wanted short sleeves with a cuff, and did my first inset sleeves when making this (which turned out to be so much easier than I’d imagined!)  Note that only one sleeve has a cuff right now!  Unfortunately I didn’t have time to get the facing, button placket and collar finished in class, but I have plans on how to do that worked out, so hopefully they’ll be done soon:


This was simpler, in as much as there was far less fitting required, however getting the darts positioned and the slash pocket included was quite a fiddle!  You’ll see there are actually 2 muslins, the first of which has the pocket added on one side, but is missing a dart at the waist and the waistband, and the second of which has all the pieces except the actual pockets included (there are gaps where the pockets would be).  This was the pattern that gave me an insight into the amount of scope one could have with a pattern, adding and removing darts and the like, as well as playing with pretty decorative extras, like the flaps on the pockets.  The skirt will ultimately be just about knee length on me, but you could easily make it shorter or longer.