If you’d told me this time last year that I’d ever be one of the contributors to Fat Quarterly, I’d have laughed at you, well, after asking what it was!  In fact this time last year I was determindely proclaiming that 1 mug rug wasn’t going to lead me into making quilts, nope, it wasn’t…  Anywho, when a call went out to those attending FQR stating that they were looking for things for both the Retreat issue and Issue 10, I tentatively said I’d come up with something for the Sew Britannia themed Issue 10.  Even as I was sending it off in June I wasn’t convinced that a) they’d remember I’d even offered, and b) that it would be at all what they were looking for, so you could have knocked me over with a feather when I got an e-mail saying it had been accepted!

This is my project, modelled on the lovely Fiona’s garden bench (as I’m all out of both garden and bench), made especially for the Jubilee:

So if you need a place to park your royal behinds, head over and buy Issue 10 of Fat Quarterly right now.  Go on, you know you want to, it’s only $8, or if you get a subscription, it’s only $28 for the year, including a special issue!

Also, Mr RNG did the honours for me and chose a winner from the 5 entries to the inset circle challenge:

Who is my dear friend Sarah, who got all sticky making hers!  Well done to everyone who tried an inset circle this month :o)