I always forget that in swaps I will get something back, and especially when I’ve finished my items so early!  I’ve been going through the Flickr group and dutifully commenting, but although I said I loved Melody Miller, I didn’t really twig that this was for me, especially when I saw some other MM inspired ones appearing in the last few days!  I don’t think I’ve ever got precisely what I’ve asked for before, so I really wasn’t expecting it lol

Anyway, this is what I wrestled took decorously from the postie, which came up from the fabulous Laura, who also happens to be my roomie at Sewing Summit.  Doesn’t she do wrapping well?  I always cringe when I see how well others have wrapped things when I know I sent my parcel out in a sandwich bag wrapped in bubble wrap *ahem*

Here’s what was inside – I love these typewriters!

And look at the back, all those randomly embroidered flowers:

The inside has the ideal text, including ‘perfect handmade gift’ and perfect it is!

Also inside was this little lot, Lauli definitely knows her way to my rainbow heart!

Ahh, another fabulous end to a fabulous swap, thanks to Helen and Nicky for organising it all :o)