I was in John Lewis earlier this week and since I was totally not passing 2 floors up passing, I stopped to have a quick look round the fabric department.  Now I’m quite lucky in that the department is small and, well, most of it is not to my taste, but when you see fabric in a sale that you really quite like, it’s rude to just ignore it…

This is the fabric I grabbed, at Β£4/metre, and which is slightly elasticated across the way with shirring elastic every inch or so.  It’s not heavily stretched elastic, so it just gives a nice texture to the fabric.  As they had it in 2 colours, I couldn’t play favourites, I had to get both ;o)

Now I’m very firmly blaming Fiona for this one.  She made a peasant dress a wee while ago, which she was showing off at the sewing day at Jo’s and I’ve had a hankering to make one since.  I’m thinking I might do a dress version and a tunic version, but we shall see.  I’m determined to use my new pattern drafting skills to come up with my own pattern, so we may be a while ;o)   I’d love to have at least one done by SS though, and I hope I might get two, because I think once I’ve worked the pattern out, they will be quick to make.

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