I mentioned during WIP Wednesday last week that I had added a whole new project for myself that wasn’t related to sewing at all, you know, because with all my copious spare time, I just needed another little thing to work on ;o)  Actually though, this one shouldn’t be too arduous, since it revolves around things I need to do on a daily basis anyway, ie cook and eat.

Introducing the South Beach Pinterest Project.  The basic premise of this is that I need to shift some weight, and I know South Beach works well for me.  The excess weight at the moment is there mainly because I fell hard off the wagon a couple of times, and a realisation dawned that part of the problem was my general apathy towards the recipes I had that were South Beach friendly.  Now I’m quite sure that if I trawled through all my cookery books (and I have many) I would end up with a whole collection of possibilities, but frankly, much as I love to cook, I don’t have time for that right now!  So I’m going to embrace new technology and cook my way through my South Beach related Pinterest boards (please ignore the food porn in the form of the cookies, cupcakes, muffins etc boards, I bake about twice a year, I just live vicariously through these boards while other people put on the weight ;o) )  I’ve found a few related recipe blogs to follow, spent more time than was strictly necessary in the middle of the night trawling through back recipes, and I think I’m good to go.

Fear not, I’m not expecting you to follow me over there, but if you’re interested, feel free to witness my cooking ups and downs and laugh at some of the results ;o)