I will hold my hands up and admit that with all the chaos of the last few months I totally forgot I’d signed up for the intermediate workshop with the Bespoke Atelier girls for this weekend.  You may recall that the last time I created a few wee bits and pieces like these:

This time though, things will be a little different.  Instead of using craft knives and sugar paper, we will be using photo emulsion to create our screens, and since the screens are quite large, I’m trying to work out what exactly I want to make.  I already have a couple of ideas in mind for SS both for the ASS Gurus and subsequent road trip, but what else should I create?  More stuff for SS indicating that the Brits are invading?  (I can share that with Laura and Katy)  Anything else I absolutely must screen print?  I need to provide my own fabric for this, and I have both white and natural cotton to work with, plus I’ve got some fitted tees to work with as well.

As far as the Brit invasion, what iconic things need to be on these?  (these will probably be basic tote bags BTW)  I might end up with a couple of these as giveaway items, so it’s worth your while to give your input (or just quietly ignore both this post and the giveaway one ;o) )