Sometimes, here at the Thistle Patch, things don’t always work out.  Sometimes it’s time related, sometimes it’s lack of raw materials related, and sometimes it’s because I just can’t get what’s in my head onto whatever medium I’m working in.  Today would be one of those days.

Above is the base of what I wanted to use for my Texting While Sewing entry.  It’s a paper pieced section of the map of Paris across from the Eiffel Tower, where the bottom right hand corner piece is where the tower actually stands.  I was going to pop in a fussy cut pic of the tower from the fabric below, but it was a bit too big.  Then I was going to applique it on, but again, I couldn’t get it to work right.  I also wanted to have a French style big with a big basket full of baguettes and the like in the bottom left, but again, I just couldn’t get the proportions to work right either as an embroidery or an applique.  I know I can use this made up bit, but I think it’ll be making up part of a larger collage where I can still somehow work those elements in.

So yes, this was the block that wasn’t, and as penance I cleaned today.  And cleaned.  And cleaned.  I have a visitor coming on Friday and I didn’t really want to kill her off with any lethal bacteria, or the shock at the state of the place!  Tonight I’ll be working on my Sailor Mouth Swap, and a blog hop I’ll be announcing on Thursday…

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