Ahh, finally, I can show you a whole bit of the secret quilt, because this is a bit I entirely made up as part of an oopsie fix!  I love this frog, I really do (even if he creeps Cherie out), and his colours happened to fit perfectly into my fix plan, which was a double bonus.  My original fix wasn’t quite wide enough, so I thought I’d add in a porthole block with this wee guy in it.

I haven’t made a porthole since FQR, but it was one of those techniques I knew I’d find a multitude of uses for, especially for odd shapes where an inset circle type approach either wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be easy.  Although there are no other hearts in the quilt, I’m going to go with a loopy heart FMQ approach for the quilting, which should tie it all nicely together (I hope!)