I got a little distracted this week in my free time.  I was taking my gran on a wee tour of the east end of Glasgow to see new roads and things on Saturday, as well as talking her through the Olympics, however I did manage to get a little EPP done.  Sunday was my last pattern drafting class, and I was a little bit fried after, so I spent a chunk of the evening talking patterns and drawing up patterns for something to fix a minor oopsie I’d made on Saturday morning while watching the Olympic diving (which no-one but me would have noticed, but it’s for me and I would always see it!).  The net result of this is that other than the EPP, the only other thing I really got a lot of work on outside my drafting class was the super secret project for later in the year (sorry about that!).  This week I have an entire glorious Saturday to do what I like with, the first in nearly 2 months, so I’m hoping to get caught up on a few things then (the following weekend is a long weekend where I have nothing on at all, I’m quite giddy with excitement!) and on Sunday I’m meeting up with the WCSMQG girls for a sewing day/meeting, so I’ll be able to take a few wee things to work on there.

Finishes This Week: 

Not a thing!

In Progress This Week: 

I’ve almost got the top for the secret quilt done, here’s a sneak peek of a wee bit of it.  I should get this all together tonight or tomorrow night I hope.  Unusually I had a flash of brilliance/insanity during a meeting about how to a) finish the top and b) quilt it, so we’ll see how I get on with that long weekend…

I got the rest of the main set of squares for my square dance finished, just the triangles, diamonds, and all the bits for round the edge to do lol

To Be Worked On This Week: 

Texting while sewing block
Practical Paper Piecing blog hop piece
Secret quilt top

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