It’s that time of the week again.  As I’ve been off gallivanting at that little event down in London, followed by a weekend down at mum and dad’s, it was never going to be a week chock full of finishes, but I used my down time efficiently ;o)

Finishes This Week:

None, sorry!

In Progress This Week:

I got a pile of the blocks for my secret quilt done, plus, with mum’s help cutting the buttons off the cards whilst Serena Williams demolished Maria Sharapova, I got all my 36 buttons covered:

I also got some EPP done.  I had cut all the templates and fabric for the Square Dance pattern before FQR, but this is the first time since that one class, that I’ve had time to work on any of it, as I wanted to get my hexies done first.  Here’s the progress I made on the train:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the blocks for my secret quilt, and maybe get the top made up
Get more of the EPP done at my gran’s on Saturday
Finish the pattern for my shirt at my last pattern drafting class on Sunday
Get sewing on my Texting While Sewing block (I’ve at least pulled the fabrics now!)
Sort out the pattern for my Practical Paper Piecing messenger bag now that I have some measurements worked out

I think that should be enough to keep me going this week, hope you have a great week too :o)

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