It’s been another busy week round the Thistle Patch.  Heads have been stuffed, bags have been made, quilt tops finished and quilt blocks started.  There have also been meetings with fellow quilters, new projects for others agreed to, oh, and a whole new project of my own that I’m starting next week that’s entirely unrelated to sewing (I’ll tell you more about that on Monday).  Oh, and remember how I said I had this whole upcoming long weekend to myself?  Err, yeah, I forgot I had a screen printing class Saturday/Sunday so I have Monday to myself.  The following weekend though is really mine all mine (for now ;o) )

Finishes This Week: 

I turned this block into a messenger bag for the Practically Paper Piecing blog hop, check back on Friday to see what I did with it.

In Progress This Week: 

My secret quilt top is done, here’s a sneak peek to tide you over:

TBB II now has a completely stuffed head:

I got to work on my Texting While Sewing block.  Here’s the fabrics I’m using (sorry, it’s all in a bit of a state block wise right now, I’m not holding out on you, honest!):

To Be Worked On This Week:

Some basic totes for my screen printing class
Sailor’s Mouth Swap item
Finish my Texting While Sewing block
Give TBB II a face
Spray baste the secret quilt top and start quilting it

Hope you all have a great week, linking up, as ever, to:

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