For those that are interested, I had a fabulous weekend with my visitor, and got a bit of hand sewing done, as well as a pile of project prep in between feeding and water her, and taking her on jaunts to the Ikea fabric department (I’m such an enabler ;o) ).

Now I realise Sewing Summit is still 5 and a bit weeks away (and counting every.single.second) but I need to do a bit of planning now for what to take with me project wise in case I need to order things.  I will have a 2 1/2 hour flight from Edinburgh to Paris at silly o’clock to start with, most likely having slept in the airport the night before, so it’s safe to say I probably won’t be doing much on that flight other than looking a tad glazed…  On the next flight though, I will be stuck on there for over 11 hours – argh!  Big yay that it’s a direct flight, but, alas, I’ll probably be climbing the walls by the time we land in SLC unless I find something REALLY good to keep me occupied.

Once there, I’ve got 19 days after Sewing Summit on a mad road trip with Laura, where there will be long evenings to sew in (Laura’s already insisted that as I’m driving I’m not allowed to sew as we go, for crying out loud, hasn’t she heard of cruise control? ;o) ),  before the long flight home, which is marginally shorter that the inbound one, but really, not enough to write home about!  For the plane I have a nifty little thread cutter that cost me all of 85p, and which *should* be flight safe as it doesn’t have an exposed blade.

Obviously taking the sewing machine is out, as is much of the related quilting paraphernalia, so what should I take with me to work on?  What new projects *must* I do?  I need a bit of prep/ordering time, which is why I’m asking now!  Here’s what I have ‘in stock’ as it were:

Square dance cushion cover – I have all the templates and fabric pieces already cut for this, and a big pile of squares sewn, but I have loads more to do:

Dimensions embroideries – I have two of these ready to be sewn:

Now I also have Katy’s fabulous Spring Carnival templates, and the latest round of charms from the Mystery Charm Swap, which this time happened to have an Indian summer theme  I was thinking these might work well together supplemented with a few other lines maybe?  Or should I use the charms on another EPP project and use different fabrics with the templates?  Here’s what Katy’s finished one looks like, followed by the charms I have to hand:

I want to do a mini scrapbook for the trip too, and I have this little guy
to help me along.  Yeah, I know it’s pink, and I normally would avoid pink electronics like the plague, but it was cheaper than the black one ;o)  2″x3″ sticky back photos come out, all ready for me to apply, so I’m thinking I just need the mini book, a few journaling pens and my phone (to take the photos).  I have a spiral bound journal that I’ll probably stick pockets in front and back to hold tickets and things.  Anything else I *must* take for this?

Then there’s some Summersville and perle cotton that may find their way into my bag, and some other templates from Tabslot for little hexies, plus of course I have more charms from other swaps…

So what else should I take to keep me entertained hand project wise?

Also, should I take my wee rotary cutter and 3 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ rulers plus baby cutting mat with me, or just use scissors?  (All will be in my suitcase, never fear!)

Decisions, decisions…